Terms To Know

Add/Drop – Process of dropping a player from your roster and adding a free agent to replace him.

Auction – Unlike a Serpentine Draft, everyone has an equal shot at drafting a pro player because everyone starts with the same amount of money and you bid on the players you want.

Bench/Reserves – Reserved for the non-starters on your Fantasy Football team.

Bye Week – This refers to any week during the regular season in which a team does not play a game.

Commish – Short for “Commissioner.”The person who runs the league and is responsible for all league rules and decisions.

Draft – The process, held before the season starts, of taking turns selecting players until every team’s roster is full.

Dynasty/Keeper League – A type of Fantasy Football league that allows each team to keep a set number of players on their roster from year-to-year.

Offline Draft – All team owners gather in a single location to draft. Usually done using a MyDraftKit.com Fantasy Football Draft Board

Online Draft – The process of holding a league’s draft online, done via computer. Never a good idea!

Free Agents – Players who are available. Any player who is not currently on any team’s roster is considered a free agent.

IDP – Short for; Individual Defensive Players.An alternate to the concept of Team Defense. Fantasy teams draft and earn points for Defensive Backs, Defensive Linemen, Linebackers.

Injured Reserved – A roster spot that is used to keep an injured player reserved from the rest of the league. He’s allowed to be on the team’s roster, but not allowed to be placed in the active lineup.

League – A group of owners whose teams compete against each other.

Owner – Person in charge of each individual fantasy team. A group of owners make up the league.

Roster Limit – Teams are limited to a set number of spots on their roster.

Serpentine Draft – This is the most commonly used draft order where teams that pick early in the odd rounds pick late in the even rounds. For example, in a 12-team league, the team that has the first pick in the first round picks twelfth in the second round and first in the third round.

Sleeper – A player who is a late round draft pick or a free agent who has a potential to have a break-out season.

Starters – The lineup of players that an owner fields for the week’s games. These are the players that will accrue points.

Team Defense – A scoring concept whereby an entire team’s defenses are drafted and earn points.

Team Quarterback – Owners draft and earn points via a team’s quarterback position instead of individual quarterbacks. When a QB is replaced by a backup, the Fantasy team owner automatically receives credit for both players’ stats.

Trade – The act of exchanging players and/or draft picks between teams.

Waivers – Process used in some fantasy football leagues to make all free agents equally available to every team. Waivers generally work like this: When a player is dropped from one team, he does not immediately become available. Instead, the player is placed on waivers for a set amount of days. The team with the highest waiver order who puts in a claim for that player will have the chance to add him to their roster.

Waiver Order – The ranking of teams with priority on waiver claims. Typically, from week to week, waiver order is reset to reflect team records. Meaning the team with the worst record gets the highest priority and the team with the best record gets the lowest priority.