The most exciting way to kick off the NFL football season is with a live draft. If the league commissioner has done what is expected, this should be the most exciting day of the year when it comes to sports! Draft day is the most legit reason to spend a day with the guys or gals, while consuming large amounts of food and drinking an obscene amount of beer. Do your research and be well informed of all players including trades, upcoming rookies, domestic violence charges, DUIs, jail time, and suspensions given out to players in the off season. This will ensure your chances of creating “the perfect team”; remember the most important component of the entire season…smack talk!


The day begins with determining the leagues draft order. There are many activities your league can compete in for draft order. Be creative and change it up every year. A few suggestions we can offer are, go cart racing, bowling, miniature golf tournaments, and your own combine. You can even purchase a copy of last year’s wonder lick test! Whatever you do, don’t flip cards over, get creative, the selection process of your draft order should be competitive and FUN!


By purchasing a draft board from, the best decision of the day has already been made. A professional draft board and up-to-date labels ensures organization by creating visual confirmation on the status of each player. Don’t huddle around a computer or tablet waiting to select your next player!Keep in mind auto drafting is illegal in most states.


Every year there is always one or two guys that can’t decide who to pick, especially in the later rounds. To prevent this from happing time and time again use a clock to speed up the process and keep them motivated.


Sit back and relax, hire label girls to do all the work! They will keep the party lively while keeping the draft board up to date. They can also assist in keeping the beer flowing, serving food and advising you with your next pick. Which league has the hottest label girls? Post pictures to and you can be the judge!


What’s a draft party without great food! Have it catered or fire up the BBQ ether way make sure there is enough food for everyone, even the label girls. Chips and appetizers are a good way to get the draft started but make sure there is plenty of food to sober the league up so they can see their mistakes.


The most essential part of the draft is keeping the beer flowing throughout the draft. Samuel Adams, Sierra Nevada, Guinness, Newcastle, Stella, or if you want to keep it REAL, Bud, Coors, and PBR…so many options! Make sure there is enough to last the entire day. The effects of keeping a well-stocked bar during the draft will be apparent in the final rounds when your opponent is not thinking so clearly and misses picking up that wide receiver you were looking for.


This is why you only have live drafts if not for the party it’s for the smack talk. Question everything your league members do, from their picks to their team names. Always talk smack to the rookies! This will make them question every pick.Here’s some advice: Pick up a kicker first they go fast, you can always trade for a running back later, and Aaron Rodgers just retired.
Let them have it!


Penalty shot, this is for the dumb-ass that goes up to the board and tries to draft a player who has already been selected by a previous team. This crap happens every year no matter what and when it does it is so funny! This is where the smack talk comes in handy.


Always collect the league fees before the draft starts. As you all know there is always one or two guys that show up to the draft with 2 pennies and a ball of lint in their pocket. They have no problem drafting their team drinking your beer and eating your food but when it comes down to paying their league fees there nowhere to be found. Trying to collect fees once the draft is over is almost impossible especially if his team is tanking after week 7.
No Checks, Cash ONLY