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Featured Products

Welcome to MyDraftKit.com

The only company to offer custom artwork of lingerie pin-up models in our fantasy football draft boards and draft kits. Our fantasy football draft boards show your league is organized and gives everyone visual conformation on player's status and selection. If you’re still drafting online and huddling around a computer you’re missing the whole point of a live draft. When it comes to your fantasy football draft boards and your draft, don’t be a total DORK! Go offline and do a live draft with your league. Our FULL COLOR custom pin-up illustrations and designs will be the talk of your draft. Our fantasy football draft boards will boost your draft to the next level and make your draft day a success.

Featured Highlights

ALL of our fantasy football draft boards are in FULL COLOR. We offer 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16 team fantasy football draft boards and draft kits with over 400 color-coded player labels. All of our products are wall hanging fantasy football draft boards printed on the highest quality bond paper and delivered rolled not folded to prevent creases. All fantasy football draft boards and kits come with a paper draft board and a complete set of over 400 labels in alphabetical order color –coded to player position and include QB, WR, RB, TE, K, and DEF plus the top rated rookies in the NFL draft, a black marker and 2-sided tape are included in every kit.
Our team at MyDraftKit.com is always trying to keep things fresh each and every season with new ideas and ways to improve the MDK brand and your fantasy football draft. This year we have contracted Victoria Fox of Foxtoons to revamp our fantasy football draft boards with her sexy pin-up illustrations for the 2015 season.


Commissioners, Get Organized!

Draft day is the most exciting day of the year, when it’s your turn to host the big day, we have everything you need. We are always looking for new and creative ways to host your leagues fantasy football draft day. Our fantasy football draft boards are all in FULL COLOR and unique to your draft needs. Make MyDraftKit.com your HOT Spot for all your fantasy football draft boards, news, cheat sheets and IDP labels.